Two California Towns Named Among The 'Best Places To Live' In America

San Rafael, California

Photo: iStockphoto

Do you love where you live?

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone exists somewhere because they love it. Some people's roots cause them to be permanently tied to a specific region, while others are unable to choose where they want to live due to lack of finances. Regardless, there are some amazing places to live right here in California. In fact, two standout locations just ranked on a list of the best places to live in the country!

According to a list compiled by Livability, the best places to live in California are Elk Grove and Clovis.

Here's what Livability had to say about compiling a list of the best places to live in the entire country:

"Livability commissions data on thousands of U.S. Cities. And then we sort through that data so you don’t have to. We partnered with Applied Geographic Solutions (AGS) to curate our Top 100 Best Places To Live in the U.S. based on nearly 100 data points and an algorithm that takes into account measures of a city’s economy, housing and cost of living, amenities, transportation, environment, safety, education and health. Check out our Best Places Methodology to learn more about our process for choosing the Top 100 cities."

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