This Is California's Most Unique Christmas Tradition

Santa in vacations

Photo: Getty Images

Christmas is just around the corner, and many American's are gearing up for the season. Every state has a different tradition that is passed down from generation to generation that gets residents excited for the holidays. One tradition in particular is very unique to the traditions of all the other states.

According to a list compiled by Insider, the most unique Christmas tradition in all of California involves a surfing Santa. Yes, you read that correctly. Even Santa enjoys a good vacation every now and then! Insider mentioned that there is a whole "Surfing Santa competition" that takes place in Dana Point where various athletes will suit up as Santa before taking the waves. Proceeds from the event benefit children with autism.

Here is what Insider had to say about the most unique Christmas tradition in all of California:

"In sunny Dana Point, California, surfing is sprinkled with a little holiday spirit in December for the Surfing Santa competition. Athletes enter this Christmastime contest wearing white beards and jolly hats. Proceeds from the event support Surfers Healing, a surf camp for children with autism. This year's contest was held from November 20 to 21."

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