Scammers Targeting California Inflation Relief Payment Recipients

Prepare writing check

Photo: Getty Images

Nearly half of all Californians expected to benefit from inflation relief have already received their payments. According to KTLA, scammers have been working overtime in an attempt steal money from those who continue to wait patiently for their money.

“Unfortunately, there are some bad actors hoping to take advantage as Californians patiently wait for their direct deposit or prepaid debit card to arrive,” KTLA obtained in a statement from attorney general Rob Bonta. “Do not be fooled. Know what to expect and when, and take precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones from falling victim to a scam.”

These scammers are not only targeting recipients through call and text, but some have went as far as sending fake mail that looks as though it is issued by the government. KTLA mentioned that one specific way these individuals are scamming California residents is by promising to get them their money faster than scheduled.

“The first middle-class refunds were made by direct deposit on October 7, 2022; payments by debit card began on October 24, 2022. Payments are expected to continue through January 14, 2023. Anyone who claims they can get you your money quicker is a scammer,” the statement continued.

The checks are being distributed exclusively by the California Franchise Tax Board and they will not contact you via call or text to let you know that your payment is on the way. There is no action required on your part to receive the payment despite scammers claiming otherwise. KTLA shared a photograph of what real envelope containing the inflation relief debit card should look like for those receiving their payments in the mail.