California Mom's OnlyFans Gets Her Kids Expelled From Catholic School

A Sacramento mother's three sons were kicked out of their Catholic elementary school over her online account she uses to sell adult photos and videos.

Crystal Jackson, known by the username "Mrs. Pointdexter," created an OnlyFans account where she posts photos and videos of herself doing "normal mom stuff" around the house in lingerie. According to KOVR, some of the photos and video contains nudity.

Jackson was surprised by how quickly her "hot mom" persona gained a following.

"We think of it as artistic or sultry and sexy and fun and playful but certainly nothing hardcore," Jackson's husband Chris said. He sometimes takes photos for her.

Jackson says a group of moms from her kids' school, Sacred Heart Parish, were responsible for getting her three boys, all under the age of 12, kicked out because of her side job.

Her OnlyFans account earns her up to $150,000 per month.

"All these women are talking about you," said Jackson. "They wanted my kids removed from, and they were successful in the very end."

She was also removed as the second-grade "room room" two weeks ago and on Sunday, February 21, she received an email saying her family must find another school due to her being on an adult website.

Jackson told KOVR her boys are devasted and some parents are agreeing that they shouldn't be punished for their parents' decisions.

"You're taking these innocent children, and you're punishing them for something you don't agree with," said Jackson.

She said she will continue to post on her OnlyFans account and find her kids a less "judgemental" Catholic school.

Photo: Getty Images