Winter Storm Leaves Clovis Soccer Team Stranded In Texas

Around 20 members of the girls soccer team, Clovis Crossfire, and their families are currently stranded in Texas, according to ABC30.

When the team traveled to the state for a weekend tournament, it just happened to be during a deadly winter storm that has left millions without power.

"It started out not bad, just a little bit of sleet," the team's coach, John Clarke, told ABC30. "By the end of our game, it was probably 13 degrees, sleet and snow was coming down."

During the team's second game a powerful storm rolled in.

"Everybody's jacket was frozen over with ice on it," said Clarke.

Although the team won the game, the weather put a damper on their victory, leaving them stuck in Round Rock, Texas.

Clarke told ABC30 that flights were canceled and the town shut down, leaving them to fend for themselves.

"This whole town is shut down at this point right now," said Clarke. "99% of this town is shut down. We are talking food, we are talking gas, we are talking everything."

The team and their families have been relying on the hotel's snack bar in the meantime.

"We are snacking on candy and frozen food right now," said team member Samantha Tristan.

Clarke hopes they will be able to fly back to the Central Valley as early as Thursday. But with another storm coming, they could be stuck in Texas longer.

As they wait out the severe weather, the team tells ABC30 they're making the most of their situation.

"We have been in the lobby playing some games," said Tristan. "...and last night we had a snowball fight and that was pretty fun."

Photo: Getty Images