California Students Hold Rally At State Capitol To Let Youth Sports Resume

With the COVID-19 pandemic derailing school and youth sports, California teachers and students have been urging the government to let them play.

On Thursday, February 11, some student-athletes took their demands to the State Capitol in Sacramento.

A group of student-athletes held a rally on the steps of the Capitol to voice their concerns and share their stories of dashed dreams.

"I wanted to play this sport professionally. I wanted to travel and play nationally. This is about a scholarship that I got taken from me," said Zelbee Radar according to CBS13. "This is about students and student-athletes not getting to do what they love. This is about our government officials not doing the right thing."

During the rally, one hundred students delivered 10,000 letters to Governor Gavin Newsom's office. The students were supported by parents and coaches who have been concerned for their student's mental health without extracurricular activities like sports.

CSB13 reports that Governor Newsom says he is currently negotiating with advocates for youth sports and is aiming to have clearer guidelines on the return of sports within days.

Photo: Getty Images