Man Uses Chicken Nuggets To Propose To His Girlfriend And She's Lovin' It

You always picture your marriage proposal as the most romantic occasion in your life. Whether it's music playing, fireworks going off, or at your favorite date-spot, you just know that your proposal will always be the most special moment in your relationship with your lover.

But then again, maybe what seems silly to us is actually the perfect set-up for some couples. There can be surprises, things can go wrong, and sometimes the longest seconds can happen with the fastest food!

Karsyn Long knew that his girlfriend Kristian Helton had always loved McDonalds, and wanted to let her know that he loved her almost as much as she loved fast food.

“She has devoted her life to chicken nuggets, so that had to be part of the engagement. I mean, it was just [a] given,” he said. So he did what any good husband should do, and offered her his life, his heart, and a ten-piece with a diamond ring to boot.

The question is, would this end as a Happy Meal?

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