Cops On 'Cuddle Watch' Help Premature Baby Go Home

There's nothing more devastating than hearing that your newborn baby needs a miracle to survive.

Axel Winch was born 29 weeks premature, and his parents were told by doctors that he's in for a lifetime of medical issues.

"They let us know he had all sorts of issues genetically, physically to the point where the news was pretty devastating,” said Adam Winch, Axel’s dad.

The most devastating part is that doctors are unsure what all these issues are.

Axel was flown from Grand Junction to the Children's Hospital Colorado. The baby boy has gone through many surgeries and procedures, and couldn't leave the hospital for weeks.

“Axel has died in our arms multiple times,” Winch said. “His nurses have saved his life. We have watched miracle after miracle.”

His mom, a Grand Junction police officer, and dad, a former cop who now owns his own business, had to go back home for work. They were devastated that they'd be away from their son.

But then the most heartwarming thing happened to the boy who needed a miracle.

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