Burglars Steal Thousands Needed For Dog's Surgery, Strangers Come To Rescue

Melissa Horstman was dealing with a very sick pup. Luckily, she had finally saved up enough money to get her boy, Prince, the surgery he so badly needed. Prince has bone cancer in his leg and he can barely move. He needs to have the leg amputated to help him be more comfortable, but obviously it is an expensive operation. After saving up, she was finally ready to bring him in for surgery, but then burglars broke into her home.

They took around $3,000 in cash and valuables, leaving her unable to afford the surgery. Horstman came home to find not only the cash missing, but also saw her poor pup surrounded by broken glass. The patio door had been smashed in, scattering glass all over their home. There was nothing Prince could do to stop it, but Horstman knows it could have been a lot worse.

"I'm just lucky they didn't kill my dog," Horstman said. She posted about the burglary on Facebook with the hope that they would be able to catch the thief, but instead her friends, family, and a bunch of strangers decided to step in and help her out...

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