'ICU Grandpa' Gets Puked On, Peed On, Loves Every Minute

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They call him the ICU Grandpa. On Tuesdays, he visits the PICU to hold babies whose parents can’t be with them that day....

Posted by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

You'll probably wish David Deutchman were your grandpa after reading about him, but then that would mean all of the tiny babies at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta would miss out. 

People reports on the 82-year-old's efforts at the Georgia hospital, where for the past 12 years the "ICU Grandpa" has held and cuddled more than 1,000 infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. Deutchman comes in two times a week to help soothe and comfort babies, a role he started filling a few years after retiring as a marketing executive in 2000. 

A hospital Facebook post from last week explains that Deutchman spends much of his time holding babies whose parents may not be able to be with them that day because they're taking care of other children at home or have other obligations that keep them from their babies.

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