'Fate Opened the Door': Pair Weds 50 Years After Romance

posted by Jenn Gidman - 

A US Navy officer, the Trinidad girl he loved, and 50 years separating them since. Those years have now disappeared with a reunion for Stephen Walbert and Jennifer Meyerink and their rekindled romance in the face of adversity, including Walbert's recent cancer diagnosis. The two met as teens in 1962 when Walbert was stationed in Meyerink's native Trinidad and he was a DJ on the Navy base there, per USA Today. He'd dedicate songs to his "Jenny," and when he was honorably discharged in 1965, he gave her a parting gift: his military dog tag. 

They went on to marry others and have kids (Walbert had two, Meyerink one), but in 2014, Meyerink's husband died. In 2015 she asked her sister to help her find Walbert. They did, via Facebook, and Meyerink emailed Walbert, whose wife had also died in 2014. The two emailed and called before finally meeting months later in Toronto, where Meyerink lived.

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