Dad Lets Teen Daughter Get Legs Waxed Under One Strange Condition

When prom time came around for one 16-year-old, she wanted to look good so she asked her parents if she could get her legs waxed. 

The girl wrote on Reddit that her mom was "never much of a 'let's do things together!'" type, but her dad would always happily drop her off so she could get a manicure or go bra shopping and not miss out on things like that.

When she asked him about the leg wax, he was very resistant but eventually gave in, saying he first wanted to do research and book the appointment. A few days later, the teen's dad set her up with a very sweet waxer but under the one curious condition that she was not to have her upper legs done. He relented a little and let the wax go up a few inches from her knees, but no more. 

The prom was a success and a decade has passed since it. During that time, the girl continued to see the same beautician and recently, that woman confessed something to the girl. She revealed that before the now 26-year-old first visited 10 years earlier, her dad booked an appointment for himself, getting his legs waxed and learning all about the beautician's techniques. 

He told the beautician he really didn't enjoy it but his daughter wanted it done and he thought it would be best for him to try it first. The next day, he called back and said he had painful bruising on his upper legs. She explained that it is a common side effect. To protect his child from feeling that pain, he told his daughter she couldn't have her upper legs done. 

The girl wrote, "The thing is, this is exactly like my dad. It's something he would do and it's something he'd probably never ever tell me he did. It was just another reminder of how thoughtful he is and always was."

Photo Credit: Getty