David Wept, But Jesus More

I have loved you with an everlasting love.  Jeremiah 31:3


Ever wonder just how much Jesus loves you?  Bearing God’s wrath on the cross testifies to his immense love, but did Jesus desire to come to earth or was it His divine duty? I want to serve the Lover of my soul as well as the Master of my soul. I cannot bear the thought of one without the other. The story of Jonathan and David illustrates Jesus in this regard. Together, they were held hostage to Saul’s murderous motives. Only a clandestine escape by David would save Jonathan and preserve God’s plan. At their parting, "David… fell on his face to the ground. They kissed and wept together, but David more" (I Samuel 20:41).

First Samuel 18:1 says, ‘The soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David.’ Their affections and destiny were bound together. Their deep love for one another is displayed with tears. They wept … but David more. Why? Was he simply more emotional? The story does not say. But we do know that David -- the man who would be king -- felt great passion. Here is a king who didn’t have to love. He wanted to love.

... But Jesus more. Our Savior is the Son of David. As such, his love is deeply fervent; not borne of duty or obligation. And so, I am drawn to him, not only because of his sacrifice for my sin, but because of his desire for my soul.

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Considering the depth of Jesus’ love, you can respond with Paul that we have but one purpose in life-- to know him. Just as Jonathan’s life was transformed because of David’s love, our intimacy with Him will mark us as changed people.  To be bound to any less, or with another, would be life’s greatest tragedy.

Precious Savior, knit my soul to yours in love and oneness, our spirits so deeply bound together that we breathe the same air. In you alone, I live and move and have my being.
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