His Purpose for You

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever—do not abandon the works of your hands.”—Psalm 138:8

God always finishes what He starts. He never begins a project only to leave it half-done. He never writes a run-on sentence. He never walks away from a messy workbench. Unlike us, God never carries over items on His “To Do” list from one eternity to the next. He always completes what He begins. That includes you.

He started working on you years ago, long before you became a Christian. Take heart today that the blueprint for your life is still spread before Him. He won’t stop working on you until He reaches His goal. By the way, His goal is summed up in Romans 8:29 and His purpose is that you might “be conformed to the likeness of His Son.”

Read Psalm 138 to see how God accomplishes His work in your life. He fulfills His purpose in you with love and faithfulness (v. 2). Part of His goal is to make you fearless and stouthearted (v.3), humble (v.6), and confident in His ability to preserve and protect you (v.7).

For more evidence of God's “finishing what He starts,” be encouraged by Philippians 1:6. He will never abandon or forsake you. His goal is to make you more like Jesus, and He won’t stop working on His goal for you until you are complete.

I am grateful, Lord, that You promise You will fulfill Your purpose for me. Thank You for not abandoning Your work in my life when I am stubborn or disobedient. Today, I want to be willing to cooperate with You. I want to agree with Your purpose in my life. I want to desire the same goals You have for my life. I praise You that You always finish what You start.
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