“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” —Matthew 5:5

In this age of flaunting personal rights, meekness is not a valued character trail. In fact, to those who are bent on demanding what’s rightfully theirs, meekness is a character flaw.  Why? The meek person is the one who yields personal rights. But because of that, he is the one who lacks anger.

Anger erupts when we feel our rights are being violated. The right to be accepted. The right to express your opinions without being jumped on. The right to privacy. The right to earn and spend money. But when we dedicate our time, our holdings, even ourselves to the Lord, we transfer those rights to Him. He, then, owns our time and possessions. He owns us.

And God will always take care of His own. He will direct us on how to use His time, spend His money, or manage His possessions. Using His things will be considered a privilege, not a right! The result? Lack of anger. After all, how can you be angry over something that’s not yours? 

Thanking God whatever the outcome is the key to determining if you have fully yielded a personal right. If you demonstrate meekness, that is lack of anger, when someone hurts you then you have successfully yielded your rights to God. Are you afraid of not owning anything, even your own life?  Don’t worry, one day the meek shall inherit the earth!

Someone once said, “Meekness is a willingness to allow others to say about me the same things I readily acknowledge before God. Self-protection and self-sacrifice are mutually exclusive. They cannot coexist.”

Lord, You willingly yielded Your rights to the Father and became the most meek and humble man who ever lived. Help me to humble myself before You as I give You my time, my possessions... my life.

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