Jesus… After the Anger

“The blind and the lame came to him at the temple, and he healed them.” —Matthew 21:14

Yesterday we heard the Lord’s angry shouts echo off the temple walls as He cleansed His Father’s house. We could almost hear the grunts, the pushing and shoving, the crack of the whip. Jesus invaded and advanced, letting the people around Him feel the hot breath of His anger.

But in the heartbeat between two short verses, Matthew 21, verses 13 and 14, Jesus immediately turned His attention to the blind and the lame to heal and help them with tender compassion. He turned a face as hard as steel to religious phonies and materialistic merchants, then barely missing a beat, He smiled encouragement at those who reached to Him in simple faith.

These several verses paint a stunning picture of our Savior. In both cases, Jesus was meeting the need of the moment. In one verse it involved squaring off against sin. The next verse, ministering to hurting people who stood nearby. Either response requires the resources of fearlessness and courage. Christ could never be accused of being one-dimensional.

The Lord could have opted for the easy way out in the temple courtyard. In front of the merchants, He could have played it safe and kept His opinions to Himself. With the blind and the lame, He could have retreated and ignored their plight.

But it takes courage and fearlessness to rattle the status quo. Sometimes it means speaking out against something, other times it means speaking up for someone.

Lord Jesus, I praise You that You always bring glory to the Father whenever You respond to the needs of people. How glorious that You always grate against my self-will, exposing my sin. And how glorious that You show tenderness and compassion when I hurt. I praise You that You are far from being one-dimensional and predictable!

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