World-Class Praying

“With your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” –Revelation 5:9

When I’m forced to bed for an extended time, I sometimes feel as if my life doesn’t go beyond the four walls of my bedroom. The perfect remedy for such shortsightedness is to expand my prayers to the remotest corners of the earth. It’s a wonderful way to enlarge my vision beyond my backyard fence.

I pray for mothers of spina bifida children in Mozambique. I pray for men who become paralyzed from falling out of palm trees in the jungles of the Philippines. I pray for mentally handicapped children in the closed areas of North Korea or western China.

If you desire to see God’s kingdom filled with people from every tribe, language, and nation, pray for the lost to ask hard questions that will direct their thinking toward God. Pray that people will ask, “Whom can I trust in life?” or “What is the meaning to life?” Pray that when they look up into the blanket of stars at night, they will ask themselves, “Where will I go when I die?”

Then ask God to reveal Himself supernaturally to these who have no access to the written Word. Pray that they will be reached through a tract, or a missionary, or a Christian program on shortwave radio. You do not have to serve in a foreign mission field to be a world-class missionary ...

You can be a missionary through prayer!

Someone has said, “Prayer freshens our hearts, keeps us in tune with God and in sympathy with the people, lifts our ministry out of the chilly air of professionalism, makes routine fruitful, and moves every wheel with the facility and power of divine enabling.” 

Lord, give me a heart burden to intercede for those who need Your help and hope ... whether it’s across the street, or around the world.
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