“And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’” -Romans 10:15

Funny how certain sounds make you feel so good, so warm inside. The crackling of a fire. The whistling of a tea kettle. Chimes tinkling in a breeze. The steady breathing of a sleeping infant.

When I think of heartwarming sounds, I recall the sound of familiar footsteps coming down the hospital hallway—visitors! Friends and family brightened up those dreary days; and I even got to the point when I could recognize their footsteps. My sister’s brown loafers would go click-click on the linoleum floor. The soft padding of my mother’s tennis shoes. The flip-flop of my boyfriend’s thongs. Diana, who was slightly overweight, had a heaviness in her step.

These dear ones brought sunshine into my room. Smiles and hugs. Sometimes a plate of freshly baked cookies. Maybe their Bibles and a time of prayer together. How beautiful were the feet of those who brought good cheer and good news. As Romans 10:15 says, I’m convinced they were sent by God Himself.

How beautiful are those who bring good news. Are your footsteps pleasantly familiar to someone you know?  When you walk through the front door of your office in the morning, what do people think when they hear you enter? When you climb the stairs to wake your husband after a nap, what do you believe comes to his mind when he hears you? Do your footsteps carry a smile or a happy hello? Try it and feel the pleasure of having beautiful feet.

My Lord, may I see the real beauty behind sharing simple words and gifts of encouragement. Help me to understand that the smallest of graces lifts the spirit, strengthens the heart, and glorifies You.
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