Genesis 1:2 NRSV

A wind from God swept over the face of the waters. (Genesis 1:2 NRSV)

Thomas A. Kinsey tells about a birthday card he sent his dad. It was his father's 75th birthday. Kinsey was looking for "that perfect card." Standing there in the card shop, his eyes kept going back to one card--one that had a drawing of two boats tied to a dock in what appeared to be a New England town.

Although Kinsey lives in New England, his parents live in the hills of West Virginia. His parents had never owned a boat or even shown any interest in boating. His dad had a childhood experience that caused him to fear the water. He had never learned how to swim. But, Kinsey continued to look at the card--there was something about it that was meaningful.

You see, Kinsey describes his father as a very simple man. If you drew a line through the pilgrimage of life, his father would not vary from that line one bit. He believes in simplicity. His style is uncomplicated.

As Kinsey continued to look at the card, he noticed that one boat was a sailboat, the other a rowboat. He wondered. If his father had to make the choice of which boat he would prefer to cross that body of water, which would he choose? Kinsey bought the card, and in a note to his Dad shared the thoughts he had in the card shop. Then he asked his father this question, "In your simple style of living, and with your ability to decide things that make the most sense, which boat would you choose?

Several weeks later, he received this response from his father, "I noticed that the rowboat had no engine, but that the sailboat had a sail. My question, before making a decision, is there any wind?"

Are you allowing God's wind to fill your sails?

Dear Jesus, help me to capture God's wind in my sails. Amen.

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