James 2:20 NRSV

From his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. (John 1:16 NRSV

In the creation story, humankind is given a special place in the world. God breathed the breath of life into humankind. That breath of life was not shared with any other part of creation.

This special relationship we have with God is based upon grace. This story about Bob Stamps can teach us a few things about grace. Bob was a delightful man who was also bald. One night he and his wife decided to go out to dinner and hired a baby sitter to take care of their little children.

While they were gone, the baby sitter got interested in a television program and wasn't watching the children very carefully. Their little boy Peter, got into his father's electric shaver and shaved a big landing strip right down the middle of his head.

When his father came home, he was furious. He said, "Peter! I told you never to play with my shaver. Now you are going to get a spanking that you will never forget!" Peter was just about to get a spanking when Peter looked up at his dad and said, "Wait until you see sister!" Bob and his wife were horrified.

They went into the next room and there was their little four-year-old daughter with her hair shaved off. By this time Bob was really furious. He grabbed up Peter and said, "Now you are really going to get it."

Just as he lifted his hand Peter looked up at his dad, with tears in his eyes, and said, "But Daddy! WE WERE JUST TRYING TO LOOK LIKE YOU!" All Peter's dad could do was offer his son a hug of love and grace.

Dear God, thank you for touching me with grace. May I live it. In Jesus name, Amen.

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