Psalms 119:162 NRSV

I rejoice at your word like one who finds great spoil. (Psalms 119:162 NRSV)

"Rejoice" is a word that is difficult to translate. The idea of the word is that of finding joy, or the things that bring joy. Someone has suggested that it ought to be translate, "Let my last word to you be rejoice." It is a call for the expression of real joy.

Some people are destroying the church by their negative, critical attitude. Nothing ever pleases them. They know no joy, so they give no joy. We need to evaluate our attitude in this area. What is our attitude doing to the fellowship of the church? Is it a brighter, happier place because I am here? Will my smile send someone away with a little sunshine in their lives? It ought to.

Studies have pinpointed 18 different kinds of smiles? The most common and recognizable is the smile of enjoyment. (Who does the research for this sort of thing? Wouldn't you love to have his job? I could see his college transcript. Freshman year he takes classes like Upturned Mouth 101. Later he studies the Abnormal Psychology of Smiles, like The Smirk: A Smile Gone Wrong. Finally, he'd graduate to courses such as Advanced Guffawing. Where do I sign up?)

Dear Jesus, you have brought great joy to my life. Help me to share it! Amen.
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