(Mark 9:24 NRSV

I believe; help my unbelief! (Mark 9:24 NRSV)

What if I walked in your work place this morning and said that I am George Bush? Would that be the truth? How could you prove that I am not George Bush? There is one way we can prove who we are, and that's by examining our fingerprints. As you know from watching television, the police take fingerprints of criminals. The best way to identify someone is through their fingerprints. Did you know that no one in the whole wide world has fingerprints exactly like yours? All of us have totally different fingerprints from one another.

When Jesus first began preaching and doing miracles, no one had any proof that he was the son of God. The disciples wanted to know if Jesus was really the son of God. One day Jesus and some of the disciples went up on a mountain, and on that mountain, something amazing happened there. Jesus was transfigured. He was surrounded by a dazzling light. And then God spoke from a cloud and announced that Jesus was his son, and that God was very happy with him. Finally, the disciples had proof that Jesus was the son of God. What signs has God given to you that proves the reality of God?

God of all, I thank you for the ways you have revealed yourself to me. In Jesus' name, Amen.
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