Luke 19:41 NRSV

He came near and saw the city, he wept over it. (Luke 19:41 NRSV)

It is all right to weep over what is bad about our society. Jesus certainly did over the people of his day. Luke 19:41 says, "As he [Jesus] came near and saw the city [Jerusalem], he wept over it, saying, 'If you, even you, had only recognized on this day the things that make for peace!'"

We all know there are many good things about society, but there are also many things that are destroying our freedom. When we become selfish and only think about ourselves, we destroy community.

There was a letter to Ann Landers that describes well the state of our society. It was written by a teenager.

Dear Ann: You had one of your readers write to you who had lived through the Depression and described how hard it was to be a teenager in the 30s. He went on to say how kids today have an easy compared to teens of his day. You said you couldn't argue with him. Well, I can. Let me ask your generation a few questions.

Are your parents divorced? Almost every one of my friends comes from a broken home. Were you thinking about suicide when you were 12? Did you have an ulcer when you were 16? Did your best friend lose her virginity to a guy she went out with twice? Did you have to worry about AIDS?

Did your classmates carry guns and knives? How many kids in your class came to school regularly drunk, stoned or high on drugs? Did any of your friends have their brains fried from using PCP? What percentage of your graduating class also graduated from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center?

Did your school have armed security guards in the halls? Did you ever live in a neighborhood where the sound of gunfire at night was normal? You talk a lot about being dirt poor and having no money. Since when does money mean happiness? The kids at school who have the expensive cars and designer clothes are the most miserable. When I am your age, I won't do much looking back, I'll just thank God that I survived.

When I first read this letter. I wept. It is all right to weep over our society, and it is all right to do what we can to make it better by sharing the love and hope we have in Jesus Christ.

God of all, please root out the evil of my world. In Jesus' name, Amen.
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