(Jeremiah 33:14 NRSV)

Amid the many elaborate floats in a city parade was a simple flatbed trailer pulled by a farm tractor. On the trailer were several people busily sawing and hammering boards together. The bystanders were puzzled until the float passed and they saw a sign on the back that read: "We thought the parade was next week!"

Are we following God and Christ today or are we waiting for next week?

GOD DOESN'T MAKE PROMISES CHEAPLY. During the time of exile, God told His prophet Jeremiah to go out and buy himself a field. Land is usually a good investment, at least in a stable society. But during wartime it's the last thing you have money for. And the people all laughed at Jeremiah! But Jeremiah knew what he was doing. He knew God's Name. And he knew God's promises. I'll be there for you, Jeremiah! You can count on me!

Can God count on us today?

Dear God, yes, you can count on me! In Jesus' name, Amen.
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Daily Devotions

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