Matthew 25:40 NRSV

A man bought a mousetrap for his basement. When he went down to set it, he realized he had forgotten to buy any cheese. So he cut a picture of cheese from a magazine and placed it on the trap. Surprisingly enough, it worked. When he went down to check the trap, he found a picture of a mouse!

Now we know that the picture of the cheese and mouse was not the real thing. We, however, must be real in our Christian walk.

It is not easy being a real Christian. Helping a stranger when you might be putting yourself in danger; telling the truth when no one else is willing to take a stand; giving your time to the church when you are already too busy are all things that may be hard to fulfill as a Christian. But, God wants the real thing.

God doesn't want us to just write a check. God wants our hands and feet. God wants our time. God wants to be a priority. God doesn't want a photograph Christian.

Dear Jesus, you were the real thing. With you in my heart, help me to also be real for our Father in heaven. In Jesus' name, Amen.
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