I Corinthians 5:3-5 (NLT)

Even though I am not with you in person, I am with you in the Spirit. And as though I were there, I have already passed judgment on this man in the name of the Lord Jesus. You must call a meeting of the church. I will be present with you in spirit, and so will the power of our Lord Jesus.  Then you must throw this man out and hand him over to Satan so that his sinful nature will be destroyed and he himself will be saved on the day the Lord returns.

Today’s Thought:

We must be careful who we associate with.  Those that live in sin, and are not willing to change, we must not associate with them.  It is much easier for a person to tear someone down than build them up.  

Today’s Prayer:

Lord, help me to be mindful of whom I associate with.  If there are people in my life that are not good for me, I pray You show them to me and give me the courage to break ties with them.  In Jesus’ name I pray, amen!



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