WATCH: Hungry Bear Raids California Family's Fridge In Search Of A Snack

Photo: ricochet64/iStock/Getty Images

Being a bear is hungry work, and the animals will scrounge for food anywhere food is easily available — trash cans, camping sites, and even a fridge in family's garage. That's what one family in California found out when they caught a bear on video raiding their refrigerator in search of a snack.

A family in the southern California town of La Cañada Flintridge recently had an unexpected visitor stop by when a bear broke into their garage and raided their refrigerator, ABC 7 reports. The Yee family managed to capture the incident on video, showing the bear rummaging through their fridge and freezer before settling on a large piece of watermelon. A neighbor also captured a video showing another angle of the "crime."

The bear was seen escaping with the stolen snack and was later spotted feasting on the watermelon before disappearing back into the mountains. The family, who live about two blocks north of Foothill Boulevard, reported that they had never seen a bear this close before.

Despite the surprise visit and the mess left behind, no one was injured during the incident. Given the outlandish nature of the incident, it seems like it would fit right in with a cartoon but it is one of those unique real-life tales that make for a funny story for years to come.

Check out the video below.