California Robber Smacks Victim With Vinegar Bottle, Steals Phone

A suspect involved in a San Mateo County robbery used a very interesting weapon to steal someones cell phone on Monday night. According to The Thread Times, an unidentified suspect threw an entire bottle of vinegar into an open car window. The bottle then smacked the face of the person in the car before the suspect grabbed the victims phone and fled the scene. The attack occurred after 10:00 p.m. Immediately after throwing the bottle of vinegar into the car, the suspect reached in and stole the victims cell phone.

The victim was sitting in a parked car off of Barron Avenue in Redwood City when the bottle randomly flew threw the car window and hit their face. After hitting the victim in the face, the bottle shattered. The Thread Times detailed that the robber fled the scene immediately. That was the last time that the suspect was seen.

Paramedics and authorities were called to the scene of the crime to treat the cuts on the victims face that were left from the shattered bottle. The victim was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. San Mateo County Police are asking anyone with information regarding the suspect's identity to contact the sheriffs office.