Man Steals Tax Information While Breaking Into 17 Fresno Businesses

Police arrested Emilio Sanchez-Lopez, 32, after Clovis Police report he broke into 17 different businesses. 11 of those businesses were H&R Block locations in two cities where he stole tax information, according to ABC30.

Sanchez-Lopez was arrested while leaving the scene of one crime on Thursday, February 25. Detectives were notified of a car parked near the H&R Block along Cedar Avenue in Fresno.

Investigators found the stolen property during a traffic stop, reports ABC30. They later served a search warrant at the suspect's home and found stolen electronics, personal tax records, and thousands of dollars in cash.

They say the burglaries started on February 1 and involve businesses across Fresno and Clovis.

Police say the crime spree is a unique situation, especially because he was able to break into so many businesses in succession.

"It was the date, the times, obviously the locations, they're all H&R Block. How he was getting in, the property he was taking, it was all similar. It's concerning for those who have had info stolen," Clovis Police Sgt. Jim Munro told ABC30.

Lopez-Sanchez is facing several burglary and identity theft charges and was booked into the Fresno County Jail.

Photo: Getty Images