Arizona Woman Disturbed To Find Two-Way Mirror, Cameras In Her New House

One family was left in shock when they found a disturbing discovery in the bathroom of their new home.

Annabell Mickelson, 18, recently moved to a new property in Arizona with her family, only to find that it was once a very unique house.

Despite the home's history, the family was surprised to find that there were two-way mirrors and cameras hidden inside the walls.

Mickelson shared the details on TikTok with a caption that stated: "I'm a little scared!" The TikTok video ended up going viral and now has over 2.9 million views.

She said that her family became suspicious when they noticed that the entire mirror was attached to the wall. So, they decided to investigate.

The family cut into the wall where they found some cupboards and a two-way mirror along with some wires that are believed to have been for cameras.

Mickelson said in the viral video, "We were right! It was a two-way mirror! We messed up the mirror but oh well."

Mickelson explained more about the house after many commented their questions and concerns.

She said, "The reason we are certain it's a two-way mirror is because this was a house that was [involved] in the cartel, I guess you could say." She added that the previous owner was known for having "parties all the time."

To top off the horrifying discovery of the two-way mirror and camera hook-ups all over the house, Mickelson explained that there may be $25,000 hidden somewhere in the yard.

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Photo: Getty Images

Source: Mirror