Make time through out the day to "quiet your mind." Make time to allow yourself just 60 seconds of relaxed breathing. Intentionally take your mind to another location that is peaceful for you. My peaceful place is the beach. I often go there mentally and gift myself that mini-vacation. I visualize the ocean lapping the beach and the sun setting over the horizon. I can feel the warm sand between my toes and hear the seagulls calling to each other over the pier. There is a gentle breeze blowing warmly across my face and in the distance I see a small fishing boat gently rocking in the waves..... - And....I feel better already! Take in every sensory aspect of your mini-vacation; really GO THERE and release your tension. You'll be amazed at the affect it has on your entire body. Your breathing is calm, your heart rate comfortable.... This is a good thing to do several times a day. MAKE THIS A HABIT! -  @