There are just some things I was never meant to do and then there are some I feel called to tackle that scare the pie out of me! Isn't that just God's sense of humor? He calls us out on the things we feel meekest about, so He can show His strength through us. Knees trembling, tummy growling, all saliva completely gone...! "Here I am, Lord. I sure hope it was you calling!" TAKE THE RISK!! STEP OUT!...! I can tell you that learning to fly with the power of Christ beneath my wings is one feeling I'll never get enough of and it has lead to some of my life's greatest journeys! Listen for that still, small voice calling you; a tug on your heart; words spoken through strangers and loved ones... Then pray, walk, run, jump! Fly!! Jesus may giggle a little, but He won't let you down! - Kim Hoff, Rev2Rev