James L. Kraft, a renowned Christian layman, recalls as a great turning point in his life the day that a certain kindly eye doctor came into his life. James was a fourteen-year- old boy, one of a family of eleven children, living on a farm in Canada. In his book, ADVENTURE IN JADE, he relates that he had never been able to distinguish objects clearly. His nearsightedness was so acute and so distressing that he assumed everyone on earth suffered continuously from furious headaches, and that all the earth had the blurry image of a boat seen from under water. But one summer an eye doctor from the city was vacationing in the vicinity, and young James was taking care of the doctor's horse and buggy. Noting his extreme nearsightedness, the eye doctor insisted that James go to the city with him to be fitted with a pair of glasses. In that gift of glasses, Kraft gratefully recalls, "he gave me the earth and all that was in it, completely in focus and beautiful beyond anything I could have dreamed . . . I cannot think of another act of human kindness," Kraft concludes, "in my lifetime which can compare with his."

The blind man that Jesus healed would undoubtedly give the same kind of testimony. In fact, when he discovered it was Jesus who had healed him, he bowed before him and worshiped him. It's a wonderful thing to be healed by Jesus whatever your need might be.