I think it is important for us to take time once in a while to determine what is really important to us. That is certainly what Jesus did in our story today.

That next morning when Simon and the other disciples awoke, they discovered that Jesus was nowhere to be found. Perhaps they panicked a bit. They actively searched until they chased him down. They interrupted his prayer time. "Everyone is searching for you," Simon tells him. To this Jesus answers, "Let us go on to the neighboring towns, so that I may proclaim the message there also; for that is what I came out to do." Jesus would not be side-tracked by the desires of the crowds. He knew where he was headed. Nothing else mattered.

It would have been easy for Jesus to stay in one place teaching and healing people, but that was not his purpose. Jesus was called to proclaim the message of God's love to many different people in many difference places.

What priorities do we need to change? Do we need to change our priorities in our families, in our work place, in the way we use our time and money.

A few years ago, the ministers of my district had a two day retreat. Now to get a group of very busy ministers together for a couple of days was no small miracle. Those of us that were there made it a priority to be there. We knew it was important to take time away for rest, conversation, and spiritual renewal. Because of this priority, it has reminded me of what is important, and it brought more happiness to my life. When we have our priorities in order we will have a greater sense of joy in God's love.