A man named Allen Danforth had a dramatic conversion experience. Shortly afterward he was invited by a missionary evangelist to go to Ghana, West Africa. While there, he saw starvation and deprivation beyond comprehension. He was bombarded by one horror story after another. After a month in Africa, Allen boarded a plane for the United States. On the long flight home he asked, "Lord, why did you ever send me here? What can anybody do? It's absolutely hopeless."

Then Allen heard the voice of God. God told him that he would be held "accountable" for what he had seen. "I got a knot in my stomach," Allen recalls. "I didn't have a vision, but in my mind's eye I could see myself standing all alone before Christ, accounting for my life..." That experience became a priority in his life. "When I got off the plane," Allen says, "I didn't know anything about being a missionary, but I knew that I could share a vision. I could tell people what I'd seen."

Allen was alert to God's action in his life. Are you?