Jesus leads the way to life beyond the tomb, but it simply is, at times, too wonderful to believe. To think there is a world beyond this one in which those who die are resurrected to a new life in Christ. Yet such a conviction is at the heart of our faith.

I remember Neil Kennedy, a former church member, telling me about his near death experience. He told me about talking to God and the love he felt. He said that God wasn't finished with him on earth yet, and his ministry was not complete. So God sent him back to the little town of Itasca to complete his ministry. Neil believes in the life to come beyond the tomb. We also need to believe, and we need to be prepared. There is an often quoted remark that says, "There are two things that are certain in life death and paying taxes."

All the non-believing world can do with death is ridicule it, deny it, avoid talking about it. But not those, like Neil, who have seen the hands and feet of the risen Savior, and say, "Jesus is alive and because he lives so shall I live!"