Ruth Bell Graham, Mrs. Billy Graham, tells of a young man who was a lot like the so called doubting Thomas. He was part of a demonstration at one of her husband's crusades a number of years ago. The young man told everyone he talked to how much he disliked Billy Graham. When he was a young boy his parents forced him to watch Billy Graham on television.

This young man had heard Dr. Graham's invitation many times before: "hundreds of you will be coming forward to make your commitment to Christ." But the young man thought it was nothing but a gimmick. Yet something unexpected happened to him when he heard Graham's message in person. He felt as though Dr. Graham was speaking directly to him. Then came the invitation. "Hundreds of you will be coming forward to receive Christ . . ." The young man watched as people came from every corner of the stadium. He quickly turned and left. But the next night he was back, and when the invitation was made again, he was among those who went forward and gave his life to Christ. This young man ended up going to college and majoring in Bible. Today he works for Billy Graham.

It's all right to have doubts and questions. Christ accepts us just as we are -- doubts and all. Thomas was not excluded because of his unbelief. Neither are we.