Once there was a family of five that disagreed on every subject. If one said the cup was half empty the other would say it was half full. At times their disagreements became heated arguments. Often feelings were hurt. Outside observers wondered how this family could stay together. Yet there was more to this family than that. Something magical took place when it came time to sit down for the evening meal. The disagreements and arguments were quickly forgotten when that family sat down for the evening meal. They could put aside their disagreements long enough to enjoy each other's company. During the meal different members of the family would share the experiences they had during the day. There was a sense of closeness and unity as that family ate together.

In the same way we come together as the church to share in Holy Communion. When we celebrate the Lord's Supper we come together as one body. As the body of Christ we might have different opinions about beliefs, or about church business, but our differences are forgotten as we kneel together to receive the bread and cup that God has given us. There is that sense of unity, of oneness as we come together and share the bread and cup. When we share communion with each other we acknowledge not only our need for food but also our need for each other.