There was a time when heroes could be invented. Many of us remember those more naive times when the press did not report on heroes' shortcomings. The media would often exaggerate the strengths of famous people and ignore their weaknesses. Politically that was true all the way up to Watergate. Nowadays, it seems like things are reversed. We see our heroes' weaknesses, and their strengths are minimized. Even when we do see a celebrity in a favorable light, we don't know how much is hype. We don't know how much is real and how much is just P.R.

There is a book titled Surface Chic. It is a book that gives a tongue in cheek treatment of wealth, fame and power. Among other things, the book contains some paper watch faces that simulate an $11,000 Corum watch. You can cut these watch faces out and paste them on your $11 watch. According to the book, by doing this, your friends will be impressed with both your good taste and your great wealth. That's what the authors mean by "surface chic"! Many celebrities today are no more than surface chic. Invariably, when we get a closer look, they disappoint. One reason to make Christ your hero is that other heroes let you down.