Many of you are familiar with Rev. Robert Schuller. On one occasion Schuller invited entertainer Pat Boone to sing for his congregation. He introduced Boone by saying that Pat sometimes gets tired of his all-American-boy image. Once a year, said Schuller, Pat Boone checks into a motel under an assumed name, closes the drapes, goes into the closet, and puts on black shoes. The congregation chuckled. They knew that white shoes are Boone's trademark. Pat Boone came back to the Crystal Cathedral a second time. He remembered what Schuller had said. He told the congregation that Dr. Schuller got tired of his image sometimes, too. "So once a year," Pat claimed, "Robert Schuller checks into a motel under an assumed name, goes to his room, pulls the drapes closed, goes into the closet, shuts the door--and shouts: `It's impossible! I can't do it!'"

Schuller is famous for having cut the word `impossible' out of his dictionary. Today, I want to encourage some possibility thinking, we need to explore the possibility that today is the beginning of the best part of our lives. Yes, I know that you may have lived most of your life as a Christian, but have your really lived it?

Yes, we will continue to face some mountains, but with a personal relationship with God. We can truly have a great life in service to God and our neighbor.