I remember reading about a lady who stepped into an elevator and said to the operator, "The eleventh floor, please." He asked politely, "Whom did you wish to see on the eleventh floor?" She snapped back, "That's none of your business, young man." "I'm not being nosy lady, it's just that this building only has eight floors." We can make the same mistake; we can set unrealistic expectation. But the real question that confronts us is whether we are willing to pay the price to achieve what we know in our hearts we can achieve.

As demonstrated in our scripture reading today, Jesus' centered his life on fully serving God's people. One of Jesus's own disciples did not commit his all to serving God. He was really looking out for his own good. He was the treasurer for Jesus and the disciples. It is speculated that he often dipped into the treasury for his own pleasure. Jesus even knew early on that there was a bad apple in his inner circle. That bad apple was Judas.

But, there are also many Biblical stories where people did give their all to God. Paul is one example. He was a persecutor of Christians. Then after his conversion on the road to Damascus, he became the greatest missionary in the history of the church and started many new churches.

How are we doing in serving God?