Walt Case was driving through the desert of West Texas one day in early July. As he drove through, he agonized for anyone or anything that had to try to live in the barren desert. A virtually rainless winter and spring had left the desert absolutely parched. "Worst in memory," was the common observation of the locals.

Then six weeks later and after five inches of rain had fallen, Walt retraced his route through the desert. But now it was different. "I saw a contrast that was nothing less than miraculous," he says. By midAugust the desert is usually green from summer rains, but this year it was positively luxuriant. Countless patches of brightly colored wild flowers dotted the roadside. The extremes were notable even to those most familiar with the rebirth that rain brings to the desert.

That's what happens when a lifebringing wind blows across a desert. That is also what happens when the wind of God's Spirit blows across our lives. We are refreshed, empowered and transformed