READER'S DIGEST once ran an article on automobile repair shops. When 226 garages were randomly selected to repair a car with only a missing sparkplug wire, 74 percent (167) repaired something not broken or did nothing and charged up to $500. What is happening? The loss of personal integrity is reaching critical mass.

Some say it began it began in the 1960s when social morality began displacing personal morality. There was a reaction during the sixties to smug Christians who said they were moral people--who kept the Ten Commandments--but were insensitive to the plight of African-Americans, women, etc. So the pendulum swung from personal accountability to compassion--from keeping the Ten Commandments to having a strong social conscience. And the results were predictable. Divorces soared, as did out-of-wedlock births. Meanwhile ethics in business turned south. Much of the conservative political tide in our nation is the result of the perception that as a nation we are headed toward moral chaos. But, fortunately for all of us, there are still people who stand for personal integrity.