For Christians living in the first century, sharing in the Lord's Supper was very important. They could experience oneness as they came together to share the holy meal. After the Christians worked hard all day, they met in each other's homes and shared a meal. Following the meal there would be a message followed by the singing of hymns. They would remember the words of Jesus, "Take, eat, this is my body given for you...take and drink...." In a world that was often unkind to Christians they found strength from their meal and fellowship together.

There is a story about a 75 year old man who bought a hairpiece, had a face lift, and worked out for six months. Then he invited a woman half his age to dinner. As they got out of his new sports car, the man was struck by lighting and died. When he got to heaven, he rushed up to the gate and said, "Why me?"

St. Peter replied, "Oh, we didn't recognize you!"

Will God recognize us as a faithful Christian? We cannot be Christians by ourselves, we need each other. Communion brings us together as a family and gives us a sense of unity.