On a dairy farm there were two frogs. One day they were sitting by a bucket of milk. The bucket of milk had a lot of foam on top, and there were lots of flies hovering over it.

One frog said to the other one, "Those flies up there sure look good for lunch. I am going to jump up and grab a hold of the edge of the bucket and have a feast." So that frog jumped up and misses the edge of the bucket and goes curr-plunk right into the milk. Now, it had been a long time since his tadpole days, so he couldn't swim every well. So he starts yelling for help. The other frog thinking that she was smarter than her friend also jumps up to grab a hold of the edge of the milk bucket. But, she also goes curr-plunk right into the milk bucket.

Both of the frogs are now paddling in the milk for their life. The first frog gets tired and sinks to the bottom of the milk bucket and drowns. The second frog says a prayer and keeps on paddling.

She paddles all day and night. Then the next morning, as the sun began to shine, you could see that little frog sitting on a pallet of butter that she had churned all night.

We can learn some important lessons from this story. First, we should never give up. The challenges of life serve to remind us of our need for Christ. Secondly, with God's help through Jesus Christ, we can be better people, we can better realize our goals, and we can be closer to God.