Calvin Miller tells about a Pentecost Sunday he spent in Brussels, Belgium worshipping in the Cathedral of St. Michael. The worship service was in two languages both of which were foreign to him. Part of the service was spoken in Latin, of which he understood a few words. The rest of the service was spoken in Flemish which he did not understand at all. Since it was Pentecost Sunday he thought the unintelligible service might be about the Holy Spirit. He thumbed his English Bible to Acts 2 and tried to follow the cardinal who was leading the service. The cardinal was totally unaware that a Christian from America was there, spying on his litany but very much in need of the Lord.

Calvin Miller testifies that he was able to worship there far away from home in two unknown languages because, as he puts it, a fire was loose in the world that makes Jerusalem, Oklahoma, and Belgium all one.

There was a fire loose on that first Pentecost. That fire was fanned by the very wind of God.

Are you allowing the wind of God to blow on you?