Notice in our scripture reading today that the people did not glorify Paul. They glorified God because they knew that real change comes as a gift from God.

There is a story of a Daddy Longleg that was trying to get free from a spider web under a chair. The Daddy Longleg had seven free legs and one leg that was caught in the web. The Daddy Longleg would pull and pull trying to free itself only it couldn't get enough traction on the slick concrete floor. So every time it would gain a little ground, it would slide back to the same place it started. This went on for about 5 minutes. The onlooker felt so sorry for the poor fellow he reached down and set him free.

We are much like that Daddy Longleg. We are trapped in sin. It may be only one little area of our life that we have not yet yielded to Christ. But like that Daddy Longleg we gain a little ground spiritually, only to slide back frustrated and disappointed in our inability to make any significant change. May we give our all to follow in the footsteps of our savior Jesus Christ.