It seemed that one winter storm with heavy snow and driving winds would barely end before the next storm blasted in, leaving us homebound and waiting for the skies to clear. Those who lived in town might have enjoyed a brief respite from their usual routine, but here on the farm we either had to get the food to the livestock or the livestock to the food. Horses pastured a mile from the house didn’t seem far away until I had to haul feed to them on a road made invisible by snow drifts. Lucky for me someone had ventured out before me and “broken a trail” that left a narrow, slippery track of ruts. As I was maneuvering that track and praying, “Lord, please keep me in the ruts,” I realized that spiritually I really needed God to do the opposite for me. I was in a spiritual rut. I was unwilling to face new challenges. I had often asked the Lord not only to keep me safe in uncomfortable experiences but to keep me out of uncomfortable experiences. Ruts are a safe place in a blizzard, but in our spiritual life ruts can be hazardous to our relationship with Christ. The passage from Matthew 14 tells us that Peter trusted Jesus enough to get out of the boat during a storm. We too can trust God enough to get out of the ruts that keep us from living more faithfully and abundantly.