I'm reminded of a comedy skit done by a youth group. There is only one character--a pastor on stage answering the telephone. It goes like this:

Pastor: Good morning. Yes, sir, may I help you?
Voice: Good morning, peace be with you.
Pastor: Huh? Oh, sir, if you're looking for assistance the Calvary Mission is just two blocks down on Madison.
Voice: I came to give you something.
Pastor: Oh, I see, sir, didn't you see the sign out front, "No Solicitors?" Now if you don't mind, I'm very busy.
Voice: No one should ever be too busy for me. I've come to speak to your people.
Pastor: Oh, uh, sir, just what group do you represent?
Voice: I've been sent by my Father. I have a message for them.
Pastor: Well, that's very nice, sir, but you see, we do have a rather full schedule of events here at our church. We can't just pop things in at the last minute.
Voice: They must hear me. I have so much to give them.
Pastor: Well, I'm very sorry, sir, but you see, our theme for this month is "God is great in 88." Now, I don't quite see how your subject would fit with ours. As I said, we are a very busy church...why just this week alone...let's see here...Monday we have softball practice and in the evening Sara Plimpton will be showing her wildlife slides. And Tuesday's out. Oh my! The senior citizens will be going roller skating. And then Wednesday, yes, we have the craft class and the men's prayer breakfast. Well, as you see we just don't have a thing; but listen, why don't you have your representative give us a contact later in the fall...maybe something will have opened up, sir, sir?

Jesus calls us, loves us, but then sends us out, gives us authority to be his missionaries. "No purse, no bag, no sandals," to shed our excess, and to travel his journey of faith with him, a journey that calls us to travel light--to uncomplicate, to simplify, to catch a kind of lovely naiveté once again.

To move with Jesus means we don't have to take all our provisions with us.