There is a cost involved in being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I read sometime ago about William Hinson who tells about a breakfast he had with an individual who had a very prosperous business. The business leader recently had become a Christian. It did not take this businessperson long to discover how costly his decision would be. He said to his minister, "I have been engaged in price-fixing with some of my supposed competitors." He went on to tell his pastor about rigging bids and how he and his friends profited from this scheme. The business leader said, "I cannot do that anymore, and I have told them I can't do it. They say that if I squeal, they will get the law on me because they have proof of my past involvement. They tell me that if I drop out, they will put me out of business, too." He decided to do what was right, and soon he went broke.

What would you have done? Take up a cross or work out a compromise? Be satisfied with being a generic Christian or would you become a disciple?

True discipleship always costs something.